Antaean’s Approach

You won’t find the latest consulting fad-of-the-month or complex solutions that are impossible to implement. Consulting techniques and tools are too often repackaged and offered as the latest, greatest one-size-fits-all solution for organizational problems. These can prove to be a diversion that takes us far from our goals, when what is needed is a realistic plan that maintains focus on those goals. Change is essential to survival, but in the right direction and with a plan.

What you will find is a fresh view of strategic and operational challenges, user friendly technology, and solutions you can use to achieve sustainable results. We are professional consultants, not out-of-work executives looking for our next job on your dime. We have a long history in healthcare and we’ll be here tomorrow.

Our goal is to assist your organization in doing the right things the right way, in a logical sequence, and measuring the results to facilitate sustained improvement. Antaean focuses on your needs and a solution that fits your organization.

We let you talk first and we listen. What and where are the hurdles that are keeping your organization from being as successful as you know it can be? We then use the appropriate tools to perform an analysis and identify solutions that will take you in the desired direction. We co-create a work plan based on organizational readiness, resources (people and technology), and required investment to achieve the stated goals. We guide. We assist. We don’t dictate.

Actionable steps, not a binder full of reports!