A unique system for ultra-clean air

in operating rooms – Inpatient and Outpatient

Opragon is a research-based innovative ventilation system that has been developed to create ultra-clean air in the whole operating room and thereby reduce the risk of infection during surgery. The system is based on a revolutionary combination of the classic mixed ventilation (which dilutes the number of bacteria-carrying particles) in the periphery of the room and a laminar/uni-directional airflow in the middle of the room. The principle is called Temperature controlled AirFlow technology (TcAF). With TcAF, Opragon generates a superior level of air purity throughout the whole operating room. Supplying slightly cooled air in a zone around the operating table, while evenly spaced external airshowers regulate the temperature of the room, Opragon creates a uniquely large ultra-clean environment.

The TcAF creates a more reliable and effective ventilation system than a LAF (Laminar Airflow) ceiling, which requires higher air speeds to counteract the convection currents from the staff and equipment. Compared to traditional mixing ventilation systems, Opragon needs less air to maintain ultra-clean conditions, while allowing more comfortable operating clothes. The definition of Ultra-clean conditions is air containing less than 10 colony forming units per cubic meter.

Together Towards Zero Infections!

Avidicare is committed to the vision “Towards Zero Infections” and strives to eradicate Surgical Site Infections together with healthcare professionals and partners.

Today, there are close to 200 Opragon installations at leading academic hospitals and specialist clinics in Northern Europe and overseas. This has allowed for extensive scientific validation of the benefits of the Opragon System including establishing ultra-clean ORs, low energy cost, increased installation flexibility and improved working conditions.

Avidicare holds six patents and is ISO-certified for quality and environment. The headquarter is based at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.

Watch how Opragon works to reduce the concentration of bacteria-carrying particles:




Aesthetics Associates Centre in Buffalo (NY) chooses Opragon

The Shatkin brothers Drs. Todd and Samuel are both surgeons with advanced Dental, Oral and Plastic Surgery as their respective specialities. They are also two driven entrepreneurs and many hundreds of medical professionals come to their clinic for training and practice each year. Their existing 13,000 sq. foot clinic was recently renovated and extended in size with an additional 15,000 sq. foot facility. Both their new OR and the refurbished existing OR are equipped with Opragon ventilation systems in order to provide the best care possible to their patients. The facility is accredited by AAAASF.

“Avidicare offers a system that has been proven in nearly two hundred installations in Europe. Research confirms its superior performance by using gravity instead of blowing air to make the room clean. We were looking for the best OR ventilation system available and Opragon was the answer. The sleek, modern styling looks fantastic as well”, says Todd and Sam Shatkin, Aesthetics Associates Centre.

In Summary – The Benefits of the Opragon System

For OR Staff

  1. Creates ultra-clean air conditions and contributes to reducing the risk of surgical site infections
  2. Creates a larger clean zone with more flexibility for placing instrument tables and equipment during surgery
  3. Creates comfortable working conditions for all healthcare professionals in the OR.

 For Facility Management

  1. Opragon systems can offer a 30% lower cost of ownership compared to ultra-clean high-speed laminar airflow systems, as stated by an article in the Journal of Hospital Infection (Oct 2017). The Opragon system boasts a low energy cost without compromising efficiency, which is unique compared to other similar systems. Note that low-speed laminar airflow systems (20 ACH) need less energy, but they are unable to ensure ultra-clean conditions and thus properly minimize the risk for infections.
  2. The Opragon system has a flexible design that is tailor-made for each installation. The minimum space requirement between the structural and false ceilings is 30 cm (approx. 12 inches), which allows for installations in rooms with limited space in both new and refurbished units. This makes it easy to fit with other parts of the OR construction.
  3. The Opragon system is easy to maintain after installation which reduces total life-time cost – an important factor for solid customer satisfaction among the clinics that have been using the Opragon for up to ten years so far.

For partners

  1. Avidicare collaborates with partners and specialized sub-suppliers that contribute to sales, design, installation, and support of the unique Opragon OR ventilation system. (Learn more on www.avidicare.com/benefits/opragon-for-partners)
  2. Scientific partners: The Opragon system is based on scientific validation by world-renowned research institutions. We are proud to work closely with the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Lund University (LU) and the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule in Weiden, Germany. These collaborations are important parts of the scientific validation and continued development of the Opragon system.


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