Cognitive Clinical Success Machine

Start Thinking Differently about Risk and Action

Predictive analytics means nothing. In fact, the term is so diluted and empty that it is worthless within healthcare. Just about everyone has some kind of “predictive tool,” most of which are little more than scoring rubrics dressed up with a fancy data science term.

To really help control risk, the industry has to look to cognitive science: the kinds of technologies that know what you are going to type in your search box before you hit a second key; the kinds of technologies that can outwit even the smartest quiz game genius; the kinds of technologies that deliver a glimpse into the future health of a person and provide the path to prevent illness (which is what we do).

As an industry, we have to move past the idea of isolated risk events driven by use cases (readmission, pressure ulcer, etc.) and think about risk in term of 1) the entire person and 2) what we can do about it. This holistic way of thinking about patients is the driver behind our Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. What we power is a vision into what will happen and the specific actions that will keep a person healthy.jvion-image2

A Tool Like No Other!

Jvion delivers a Cognitive Clinical Success Machine for healthcare.

The tool serves as a high-performance appliance that produces recommendations for healthcare providers who need patient-level predictions, prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions rendered with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and patient verity. Our machine relies on the process of Embodied Cognition to produce patient-specific prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions. To do this, we use micro-level action engines within our Eigen Spheres to target the 52 specific illnesses and conditions that are top concern for providers. All that is necessary is to fine-tune our cognitive appliance to local patient and community population nuances. It is a proven solution that has already improved thousands of lives. And it is externally validated by industry analysts like Black Book Market Research and top providers.

It’s Kind of Like an MRI that Sees the Future

An MRI is complex and extremely difficult to understand and build. But it gives you a holistic and highly detailed view into what is going on inside a patient today. What we deliver through our Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is a highly detailed view into what is going to happen to a patient in the future AND we deliver the actions and recommendations to avoid that risk. Our tool accounts for the thousands of dimensions that impact a patient’s life and health so that you have a high definition view into the future state of the patient.

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine does what simple “predictive analytic” tools cannot. It can see each patient holistically to help us deliver a full portrait of the patient that is as close to the true future state of a patient’s risk and health as possible. And this future state can extend from one month to a year. Jvion delivers a tool like no other!

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