Velocity Health


Velocity Health is on a mission! A mission to assist hospitals in maximizing the benefits of their 340B program without disruption to operations. Velocity is the service built specifically to optimize and maximize the 340B program for covered entities. Velocity Health has a full-service approach to 340B for its clients, providing all of the necessary support to optimize and manage the program allowing you to focus on patient care — and we’re only paid based on results.

Started by passionate experts from all three healthcare verticals is what makes the difference – providers, payers, and pharma. We excel at the intersection of patients and the specialty therapy ecosystem.

Summary of Our Compliant and Financially Optimized Program

Velocity Health works with all types of covered entities, all third-party administrators, and all retail/specialty pharmacies.

  • Analysis/benchmarking of contracts
  • Development/improvement of 340B P&Ps
  • Formulary recommendations
  • External annual audits
  • HRSA audit support: intelligent prior authorizations for specialty therapies
  • Medical pharmacy benefits comparison
  • 340b triage and routing
  • Hands-on, closed-loop referral support

We provide a complimentary analysis of your 340B program, incorporating all applicable 340B universes. Applicable growth and optimization opportunities will be identified to ensure optimal program revenue.

  • All we need from you is access to your 340B software and your EMR.

The complete package of services is provided on a contingency based gain share agreement, eliminating the need for investment.

Full integration with your EMR.

In summary, the pharmacy professionals at Velocity have the breadth and depth of experience to help your hospital take full advantage of a complex environment to maximize revenue from the 340B Program. If you are interested, we can provide an estimate of what the annual revenue from your 340B program should and could be.

For more information, please contact us at (440)842-5105 or We’ll be happy to schedule an informational meeting at your convenience. We will address your specific concerns and answer any questions you may have.