Velocity 3.0



Their Philosophy and their People

Passionate experts from all three healthcare verticals make the difference – providers, payers, and pharma. Velocity excels at the intersection of patients and the specialty therapy ecosystem. Years of development, plenty of missteps and skinned knees, ready for primetime. Don’t take our word for it. This is modern, open development, easy to deploy, rapid adoption, scalable integration so you decide how fast you want to roll out. Start small, prove the value, move at your own pace.

Their Technology

  • Point of Care medical and pharmacy benefit information.
  • Enterprise Prior Authorizations – specialty therapies, DME, procedures.
  • Patient Assistance Programs – electronic access and verification.
  • 360-degree audit, reporting and tracking.
  • Everywhere Patient Engagement for real-world evidence, outcomes, and adherence.

Their Processes

None of this matters until you make life better for patients, easier for providers and faster for specialty pharmacy. Everybody wins. It all starts with a deep understanding of the workflow and the connectedness that is required to serve everyone’s needs.
Velocity enables collaborative workflow in one specialty or across your enterprise. Your team can support your clinics, the practices can work on a prior authorization when it’s convenient for them. Velocity includes the rules and alerts for each payer and each medication, so everyone is working on the same information set.

Their Proven Outcomes – More than Money

The results are clear. Your EHR was not built for this.

Client Example:

  • 100% Prescriptions filled by intended Contract Pharmacy
  • 96% Prior Authorizations were approved first time
  • 58% Prior Authorizations approved within 10 mins
  • 99% Adoption by Cardiologists and Pulmonologists
  • $2.2m Prescriptions processed per month
  • 100% Data captured system

Data from 40+ Health System Pulmonary Centers of Excellence

You Can Accelerate Your Specialty Services

Use Velocity’s auditing tools to check your speed, grow as fast as you want.

You have an EHR. You have auditing and compliance systems.

But these other systems do not do what Velocity does.

Velocity completes the specialty therapy puzzle.

You can activate within 45 days. Choose a specialty. Measure results. Repeat.

Let’s discover where Velocity fits for you…

Use our convenient ROI assessment tool to explore the magnitude of your room for improvement.

  • Schedule a demo to see for yourself.
  • Launch a proof of concept for one specialty.
  • Start growing revenues within 45 days.

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